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First Course – Fundamentals in organizational leadership

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Develop your skills as a leader to manage the complexities of 21st-century business.

Experts in different fields conducted the 12-hour course in Organisational Leadership:

AY – ex CEO of Schlumberger Group, Advisor Board member of Shell, founder and chairman of non-profit organization – Biru Peduli. He has a master’s degree in organizational leadership at said business school, University of oxford.

Nino Gomarteli – leadership and communication consultant with 15 years’ experience in Media industry and she is a master of organizational leadership at said business school, University of oxford.

Beginning of the course was dedicated to theoretical knowledge about leadership, leadership styles. Questions such as what kind of a leader you should be when handling high-pressure situations, how to make decisions, how to act as a leader or how improve yourself.

Second half of the course was dedicated to more practical implication of the theory. Whole course was a workshop and activity based. Course started with the expectations and finished with the steps/plans on improving yourself.

Participants identified it’s strengths and learning points, culture in which they operate as a company, debated how operational and rational decision making are interlinked and at the end planned the future of once own self development.

This lively, interactive, part-time course provides the academic rigour of a specialised and customized qualification in a format that is designed to suit busy executives or those who want to develop their own selves.

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