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Second course - Principles of Marketing

Trainer – Tamar Magalashvili conducted 10 hour course in Principles of Marketing.

Tamar Magalashvili has fifteen-year experience of working in business sector and teaching in high education system makes her integrated active learning programs practical and goal oriented. She has have conducted more than 200 different trainings in business and governmental sectors. Her training portfolio consists of social, business communication and teaching&learning skills development activities. She also organizes workshops in Marketing, Services Marketing and Service Management related topics. Tamar holds certificate of a professional coach from “Erickson International University”.

This course was designed to provide participants with an understanding of the principles of Marketing. The main focus was on the management of the marketing activities and how marketing relates to overall organizational functioning, including the management of exchange processes between business units and consumers.

The course was incorporated current development in marketing to introduce trainees with the present-day challenges of marketing activities. The course was based on active learning methodology and discussion of best practices.

Participants understood the importance in business practice of being customer oriented and gained knowledge and experience how to evaluate market environment and consumer needs while forming the marketing strategies.

At the end of the course, the participants made group presentations about new products and services.

English Book Education awarded the winner team with hoodies of various authors.

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